The 20th Anniversary World Tour


The Open Source Initiative and George P. Johnson Experience Marketing are partnering to help celebrate the 20th anniversary of open source software as a milestone for the tech community worldwide. 

Working along with event hosts from around the globe, the Open Source Initiative (OSI) will provide added value for your event's attendees and sponsors through exclusive content, subject matter expertise, industry insights and unique networking opportunities to engage the open source community and its supporters.

Participation Benefits

The benefits of participating in OSI's “Open Source 20th Anniversary World Tour” include:

  • Increased attendance.
  • Increased sponsorship revenue.
  • Leverage “open source luminaries” at your event. Open source luminaries would be selected from the OSI Board of Directors, Alumni and Members.
  • Promote relationship building through open source projects and professionals connecting at your event.
  • Provide valuable open source knowledge and content from the open source movement’s founders, visionaries and thought leaders.
  • Take advantage of a fully managed turn-key content from the OSI.
  • Strengthen brand value within the community by aligning your event with the OSI, the founders of the open source software movement and globally recognized authority in the open source movement.

Participation Tiers

The OSI has designed 3 turn-key content modules that will fit seamlessly into your event. The OSI can work with you to determine how you would like to incorporate this content into your event.    

Participation in the OSI 20th Anniversary World Tour:

Tier 1 - Promoted Event

  • Virtual appearance/presentation by an open source luminary.

Tier 2 - Endorsed Event

  • Onsite appearance/presentation by an open source luminary.
  • An OSI provided workshop, panel, or activity - the OSI will work with your event team to co-develop content that will align with your event theme and content.

Tier 3 - Official Event

  • Onsite appearance/presentation by one or more open source luminaries.
  • OSI provided full-day track session - the OSI will work with your event team to co-develop a program that will align with your event theme and content.
  • Hosted post-event cocktail party with open source luminaries (up to 3).

Each level of participation includes: 

  • Digital and PR co-promotion throughout the 20th Anniversary celebration
  • Dedicated email campaign promoting your event to the OSI database
  • Promotion via social media
  • Logo placement on

Investment Considerations

The OSI is committed to supporting open source organizations and initiatives worldwide. 

We believe that leveraging the upcoming 20th Anniversary of Open Source and the presence of  “open source luminaries” at your event will help attract more attendees and sponsors. We also encourage event organizers to offer our content modules and activities as a Sponsorship Add-On for an extra source of revenue.

Inspired by the open source software model, we seek to provide added value for your event for “free” whenever possible . For this reason, we have designed the participation tiers in such a way that we can help share the costs where appropriate.

For non-profit community events, the OSI may be able to help cover travel expenses from open source luminaires to attend the event. 

For for-profit events, the OSI will work on a case-by-case basis to define our involvement and participation.

In exchange for the above, we ask that OSI be acknowledged on your event’s website and marketing material.  Additional consideration can be negotiated based on available resources; for example, OSI may ‘trade’ a sponsorship package for an increased Participation Tier.

Current OSI Premium Corporate Sponsors, and OSI’s 20th Anniversary Sponsors will be included (recognized and participate) in all OSI 20th Anniversary World Tour activities. However, recognition and participation by OSI Premium or World Tour Sponsors is limited to only OSI 20th Anniversary World Tour activities at the conference or event. Recognition and /or participation by OSI Sponsors beyond Anniversary activities is to be negotiated by the conference / event organizers and OSI Sponsors. The OSI will provide contact information to the conference / event organizers if requested.

Additional production or 3rd party costs associated with incorporating OSI luminaries or content is the responsibility of the Host Event.


Sample Activity - Open Source Timeline

The OSI will provide a fun interactive activity that will help engage participants both at the event and online.

At the event, there will be a printed timeline where participants can add their open source milestones using post-its. These milestones could be, for example, a first “commit” to a favorite project, or a first participation in a community event. Companies will also be able to add their milestones. 

As for online engagement, people can tweet their milestones and this gets added to their timeline at automatically, with support for images and video. These timelines can also show up at the event’s website.

Event organizers could offer this activity as an Add-On for sponsors who want to highlight their own milestones both on the printed as well as the online timeline.

In addition to the timeline, the OSI will also offer anniversary related “swag”, e.g. stickers, patches, t-shirts, etc.


Sample Full-Day Track Session*

  • 8:30a - 8:50a: Opening Remarks
  • 9a - 9:50a: The History of Open Source - The history of Open Source Software and its role in your industry/organization - Delivered by an open source luminary.
  • 10a-10:50a: The Open Source Landscape - Understanding the value chain, platform and partner landscape - Delivered by an open source luminary
  • 11:00a-11:50a: The State of the Source – On-goings of open source community and up and coming open source projects to watch - Delivered by an open source luminary
  • 12:00n-1:00p: Lunch Break
  • 1:00p-1:50p: Speed Dating - 5 - 10 minute "speed dating" sessions to integrate attendees and speakers and provide networking opportunities
  • 2:00p-2:50p: Do's and Don'ts while Considering Open Source - Delivered by an industry analyst or business consultant.
  •  3:00p-3:50p: How to Choose a Provider/Partner - What to look for and what's important - industry or vertical expertise, proximity, size, client base, pricing/budgeting, etc.- Presented by a procurement professional.
  • 4:00p-4:50p: Migration and Integration Planning - What to expect and how to optimize your path including how to budget, how to structure/train your team, best practices, pitfalls and landmines, etc. - Delivered by a peer and partner duo.
  • 5:00p - 7:00p: Hosted Peer Group Cocktail Party 

*The OSI will work with each individual host event/organization to source participants and fully define appropriate content.