Welcome to OpenSource.net!

The Open Source Initiative (OSI) has become the new home for the former Opensource.com news site. Writers and editors formerly contributing to Opensource.com will continue their work under the umbrella of the OSI, posting content at a domain owned by the OSI: OpenSource.net.

OpenSource.net launched in response to the halt of Opensource.com operations by supervising entity Red Hat, which supports the move. This includes facilitating the republishing of selected, previously published material from Opensource.com for the archives of OpenSource.net with the project’s community manager Seth Kenlon continuing to play an advisory and supporting role. 

Now, the OSI, a 501c(3) organization and the custodian of the Open Source Definition, will oversee OpenSource.net. It will serve as a not-for-profit platform for sharing knowledge, perspectives and advocacy to support a healthy open ecosystem.

Value of Opensource.net to the Community

OpenSource.net is a community project. A group has been established to host community discussions about the development of OpenSource.net. Join us! You can also get involved by registering on OpenSource.net and pitching article ideas about open knowledge.

As always, it takes a village: OpenSource.net was fortunate to have help from Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, for website design and support. 

Content published on OpenSource.net will remain in the control of the author under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License.

Operational support for OpenSource.net will come from the OSI, which is working to establish underwriting opportunities to help support this work. If you are interested in supporting this initiative, please contact the OSI.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate what Opensource.com was all about. Over the course of 12 years, it became a top destination for news, information, opinions and how-tos related to Open Source. The community published an impressive 10,000 articles on a wide range of topics, advocating for the growth and sharing of all things Open Source.

We hope you’ll join us to continue this journey!

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