InTech meetup Skopje - Celebrating 20 Years of Open Source

Event date 29 May 18:00 - 21:00
Event location Skopje • Macedonia

As part of our company’s strategy to foster knowledge exchange and entrepreneurship among the small, but growing IT community in Macedonia, we started hosting the InTech meetups back in December, 2016. So far we’ve held four successful and well-attended events  with notable local and international speakers. Since our platform was built on Open Source technology and it was instrumental to its success, we want to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Open Source by bringing together like-minded tech enthusiasts for a knowledge exchange and networking event. This year Jan Wildeboer, Sarah Novotny and Visar Zejnullahu will reflect on their work and looking back on 20 years of Open Source, especially about what Open Source meant for their work.